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After the Operation

What will be done in the post-operative service?

After the operation, you will be taken to your room in the ward. You will be closely monitored by the service nurses and doctors about the function of the fistula, your blood pressure, bleeding and hand circulation.


What should I pay attention to when leaving the hospital?

-         Obtain the phone numbers of the hospital where you had surgery and your surgeon.

-          Learn when and where your stitches can be removed. Stitches are usually removed 15 days after the operation.

What should I do after the operation? 

-         Place a pillow under your arm so that your arm is at heart level. This position allows the fistula to work better and helps reduce edema and tension in your arm.

-         You can use painkiller tablets when needed. Within a few days, your pain will decrease and disappear.

-         After the operation, it is necessary to dress the operation area every other day. Your dressings should preferably be done at your dialysis center or the hospital where you had surgery.

-         Monitor the condition of your arm closely.


In what situations should I notify my doctor after the operation?

-         When yellow pus fluid or fresh blood comes from the wound area.

-         When redness occurs around the wound.

-         When excessive edema and swelling occur in the arm.

-         When your temperature rises above 38° C.

-         When severe pain occurs that does not respond to medications.

-         When you experience coldness, severe pain and loss of feeling in your hands and fingers.

-         When the thrill (vibration) felt in the surgery area decreases or disappears.


When can I take a bath and shower?

-         The day after the operation, the area around the wound  and wipe your arm with a wet soapy cloth and dry it. Meanwhile, put it on your arm  Be gentle.

-         You can take a bath when your surgeon gives approval during the follow-up examination. You can usually take a bath 10 days after the operation? 

When can I start exercising?

From the day after the operation  You should start vascular building exercises by opening and closing your hand or using a rubber ball.

-         A few minutes of exercise 5-10 times a day is sufficient.

-         Do not do heavy exercises and do not lift heavy things with your fistula arm for 15 days after the operation.

-         Do not swim in the pool or sea without consulting your doctor.


When will vascular access be used?

In the postoperative follow-up, the vascular access is expected to mature. For fistulas, this period is 1-3 months. For grafts, the average is 15 days. Your fistula;

-         When your Vascular Surgeon gives approval for vascular access, it begins to be used in accordance with the fistula map in your epicrisis.

-          Keep a copy of the epicrisis given by your surgeon.


Fistula operation was performed but it is not ready for use and dialysis is required. What can be done?

You need to undergo dialysis with a catheter until your fistula and graft mature (ready for use). The catheter can be inserted from the neck or groin. 



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